Welcome to Gail Hay Dance & Wellness

Why and who is the reason for my studio? This may seem like I’m speaking backwards but I’m not.

Why do I have a studio: because I love to share my passion for dance and yoga.

Who is more important: my classes are for any individual seeking to explore and discover their full potential.

The bigger reason of my who and why is my silent business partner Mariah Hay. Mariah is my daughter who has always been my biggest supporter since the age of three. She would come with me to every dance class and would always recruit her friends. Slowly over the years, we built our classes into a dance school — always dreaming of that dance studio!

August 2012 the dream became a realty, and we opened up our studio Gail Hay School of Dance Centre for Dance and Wellness. What a mouthful to say. Deep in my heart I loved dance, but I wanted to offer more, something only Mariah could understand.

January 2013 changed everything. Mariah had been battling health issues but we could not find any real diagnosis until that day in January. MRI showed a rare brain tumour Craniopharyngioma. She was born with the tumour and it started to take its place in her life at age 17. Mariah had planned to finish high school and go to college for an arts administration diploma. She would operate my studio and I would teach. This all changed after January. Mariah endured two complicated brain surgeries, stroke, blindness, movement disabilities, memory loss, proton therapy and numerous visits to St Jude Research Hospital.

Mariah’s Journey to health and wellness took me back to the Centre for Dance & Wellness. I wanted to teach all individuals with the love and compassion I have for my daughter. The discovery of her tumour has taught me to explore to become the most humble teacher possible.

Welcome to Gail Hay Dance & Wellness.

See you in the studio,

Gail Hay

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